Asbestos Abatement 

              Asbestos is a hazardous, but naturally occurring mineral that was once utilized for its impressive resistance to heat, its strength, and insulating abilities. Unfortunately, it has since been linked to mesothelioma and other cancers. With over 18 years of experience in the Asbestos Abatement Industry, Mile High Environmental Services Inc., family and locally owned, is certified as a Colorado General Abatement Contractor EXP 08/2017, and all workers and Supervisors are certified by Regulation 8 with the State of Colorado (CDPHE). All Supervisors and Workers complete annual refresher training while employed as an Asbestos Abatement worker or Supervisor. 

               Mile High Environmental Services Inc. is licensed by the State of Colorado, fully insured, and we observe the strictest enforcement guidelines of all environmental safety regulations. At least one worker on each jobsite is certified as a Supervisor, First Aid Certified and all employees on job sites have all up to date certifications in Regulation 8 with CDPHE. You can count on Mile High Environmental Services to get the job done correctly, quickly and in compliance with the State of Colorado and OSHA. 

Mile High Environmental Services Inc.

Mold Remediation & Prevention 

Mold in your home or office  can be a fustrating and hazardous issue.  

Lead Based Paint Removal 

Mile High Environmental Services (MHES) services the entire state of Colorado with Lead Based Paint Removal. 

Lead based paint was commonly used in structures prior to the late 1970’s before it was known that these types of paint may cause harmful side-effects to both adults and children.

Some side affects that lead  based paint is known to cause include:

-Damage to the nervous systems in children
-Kidney damage in children
-Delayed development
​ in children under seven years old. 

Because of this, your home may require lead testing prior to beginning any renovation or demolition activities can take place. MHES is EPA certified and has multiple RRP-Certified renovators that are able to safely remove any Lead Based Paint in your home or place of business.